NEW! Program Multiplayer Games in Minecraft Game Design 1!

NEW! Program Multiplayer Games in Minecraft Game Design 1!
Last Updated: January 19, 2017 11:13 am

NEW! Program Multiplayer Games in Minecraft Game Design 1!

We’ve just released Minecraft Game Design 1, a new course where kids learn to code as they build awesome multiplayer games. Through 12 interactive modules, kids are guided through building three advanced games using Tynker’s Minecraft modding platform. As they build their games, kids master advanced programming concepts like arrays, objects, semaphores, and more. After kids have programmed their Capture the Flag, Soccer, and Tower Defense games, they can invite their friends onto their private Minecraft server to play and mod with them!

Minecraft Game Design 1 is available as part of any Tynker home subscription, along with all the tools, instructions, and activities that kids need in order to learn to mod and make multiplayer Minecraft games. This includes:

  • block-based modding language that allows kids to easily build Minecraft mods and multiplayer games without worrying about Java syntax or editing system files
  • Easy-to-use skin and resource pack editors so kids can change the look of anything (including themselves!) in their Minecraft world
  • Private Minecraft servers set up, hosted, and maintained by us so that you don’t have to worry about additional server fees or the hassles of hosting a server
  • Fun self-guided lessons and tutorials to make sure kids are actually learning to code and gaining valuable skills that translate to other programming languages
  • Security features that make modding totally safe and secure, including a whitelist of approved friends to join their private Minecraft server

Minecraft Game Design 1 is just one of 18 courses included with a Tynker subscription. These courses allow your child to learn to code in diverse ways that appeal to many different interests. For example, your child can learn to code as they program drones and robots. Kids who play Minecraft will love learning as they mod Minecraft and create their own multiplayer Minecraft games. And when your child is ready to do more with coding, they can transition to JavaScript and Python with our new courses on advanced languages.

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