10 Coding Courses Now Available on the Tynker App  

10 Coding Courses Now Available on the Tynker App  
Last Updated: August 4, 2017 1:46 pm

10 Coding Courses Now Available on the Tynker App  

Tynker is taking learning to code on the iPad to a whole new level! In yesterday’s Tynker app update, featured by Apple under “Best New App Updates,” we extended our award-winning online courses to the Tynker iPad app. We’re excited to announce that 10 self-guided courses are now available on Tynker’s iPad app, meaning that subscribers can run select courses both in the app and on our site!

With a Tynker subscription, you’ll have access to 10 mobile courses, 18 online courses, and a private Minecraft server to deploy mods and share with friends! Get started with one of our affordable plans here. If you already have a plan, you’re good to go — just download our iPad app and start exploring!

New Coding Courses

Early learners can test the waters with Space Cadet and Dragon Spells — two beginner courses that introduce them to basic coding skills. For variety, they can try our fun, game-based courses such as Candy Quest, Flying Fortress, Lost in Space, Crash Course and Lazer Racer. Kids can then apply their coding skills to build apps in Tynker Workshop. All these courses allow kids to switch between visual blocks and Swift code, so they can transition to text coding in Swift, when they are ready.

We’ve also launched Stunt Pilot and LEGO WeDo, two brand-new, highly interactive courses that teach kids to program drones and robots. Mind Crafters, a modding course for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, is also coming soon.

LEGO WeDo Programming Course

With LEGO WeDo, kids can use Tynker to learn coding and create fantastic robotics projects. Our course lets them take on projects like creating a game that uses WeDo as the controller, integrating WeDo with web services to create a real-time weather station, and more!

Drone Programming Course

Drones make everything more fun! Stunt Pilot is a self-guided course that uses a virtual on-screen drone to teach kids how to fly drones. Tynker supports several Parrot minidrones, so when they’re ready, they can move on to programming real drones.

What Kids Learn

All our courses teach coding in a fun, game-oriented way. As they navigate through modules and activities within each unique course, they’ll acquire skills that will allow them to make their own complex games in no time! Mobile courses include:

  • Space Cadet — Collect items and avoid aliens by coding with loops and basic algorithms 
  • Dragon Spells — Train your dragon to hunt for treasure using variables, UI design, and input/output 
  • Candy Quest — Sequence programming commands (like if/else statements!) to lead your character home
  • Lost in Space — Apply nested loops and logic to build a simple game and take astronaut Gus to his moon base
  • Flying Fortress — Use functions, decomposition, and debugging to train your dragon
  • Lazer Racer — Create amazing geometric art patterns using Turtle graphics commands and nested loops
  • Crash Course — Learn to program Sphero, Hue and drones in a virtual environment
  • Stunt Pilot — Program drone flight paths, as well as code flips, stunts, and more
  • WeDo Coding — Write code for your LEGO WeDo! Learn more about the possibilities with WeDo here
  • Mind Crafters — Mod Minecraft Pocket Edition with Tynker

With the updates to the iPad app, it’s also easier than ever for teachers to introduce coding to their classrooms. Teachers interested in helping their students dive into coding can use the guides in the “Everyone Can Code” program from Apple to get started.

For more information about all our courses, including 18 online courses, check out our website below. Happy coding!

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