Parrot Drone + Tynker Subscription = Parrot Mambo Code

Parrot Drone + Tynker Subscription = Parrot Mambo Code
Last Updated: August 9, 2017 10:50 am

Parrot Drone + Tynker Subscription = Parrot Mambo Code

We’re excited to unveil Parrot Mambo Code, an exciting way to learn to code and become a drone pilot at the same time! This bundle, which allows new pilots to practice their drone flying skills in a virtual environment before executing the commands on a real drone, includes a Parrot Mambo minidrone and a premium 6-month Tynker subscription – a value of $215.99 – for just $149.

Kids – even those with no prior experience flying drones – can use Tynker’s drag and drop blocks to navigate virtual drone flight courses and program their Parrot drone to do flips, turns, and other aerial stunts.

The minidrone comes complete with fun features and accessories like a mini-ball launcher, a grabber, and a camera. The Tynker subscription includes 10 scaffolded lessons to introduce drone programming concepts, as well as 10 iPad coding courses, 18 online coding courses, over 350 puzzle levels, and more than 100 tutorials. Learn more about the bundle here.

To get started with Parrot Mambo Code, visit our website or the Parrot site.

Happy drone-ing!

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