Everything New with Tynker for Fall 2018

Everything New with Tynker for Fall 2018
Last Updated: August 19, 2018 2:00 pm

All Things New with Tynker for Fall 2018

This summer, we’ve been hard at work improving Tynker for Schools! Using your feedback, we have simplified your teaching experience and given you all the information you need at your fingertips. You can now:

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New and Improved Curriculum 

Enhanced STEM Lessons with Teacher Guides

We’ve enhanced our entire STEM lesson library to save you time and effort! Each of our 200+ lessons now has additional guidance and examples so your students can complete them on their own. Explore STEM lessons

Coding in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a new way to extend coding beyond the screen. This new introductory course helps your students build interactive experiences that blend the real and virtual world. Explore Augmented Reality

Advanced Python 201

For students who are ready to dive into text programming, Python 201 teaches Python syntax and functionality, advanced problem-solving and debugging, and coding for the real world. Explore Python 201

Advanced code editors for JavaScript and Python

Our brand new text-coding editor gives students the experience of being real-world coders. They can program their own games and animations and learn from a library of 170+ templates! Try the new editor

FREE Course – Barbie™ You Can Be Anything™!

We partnered with Mattel to show how programming can be applied to six exciting careers! Your students will learn how to animate characters, compose music, tell stories, design games, and even create art with codeExplore the new Barbie™ course

Improved Teacher Dashboard to Save You Time

Classroom Tab

If you have multiple classrooms, you can now sort the classroom cards by creation date, name, grade, and priority. The classroom cards show you one action item that needs attention. Visit your dashboard and take a look!

My Lessons

Now you have access to all the starter projects, Hour of Code puzzles, and your own projects under one tab. If you create a new project or lesson, you can assign it to your students with a single click.

Course Assignment

You can now assign entire courses at once! Your students will gain access to advanced lessons without any effort on your end, and you’ll still have the option to un-assign individual lessons from a course at any time.

Classroom Setup

It’s now easier than ever to set up your classes and add students. We sync directly with Google Classroom, Clever, and Microsoft SSO, and we’ve also simplified manual student additions.  

Adding Students without CSV

We’ve made individual and bulk adding of students easier in the classroom dashboard. Now you can add individual or multiple students by simply copying and pasting student login information.

Auto-Generate Usernames

To improve privacy, Tynker now auto-generates usernames and passwords. All you have to do is input the number of accounts you’d like to generate, add a three-letter prefix to the username (so there are no duplicates in our system), and Tynker will do the rest. Print out your login cards and share them with students!

Bulk Uploader

We’ve improved the process for adding CSV files though our bulk uploader. We’ve also added a crystal-clear Google Sheet to avoid having to open up Excel or other spreadsheet programs. When you’re ready, simply drop in your file – if you get the green light, you’re good!

Enhanced Metrics to Instantly See Classroom Progress

Our updated teacher dashboard will help you:

  • Better understand who your top students are and who needs help
  • View projects created by students over time
  • Easily understand the concepts each student has mastered, sorted by difficulty
  • Share your classroom accomplishments and inspire other educators


We’ve completely overhauled our privacy page (tynker.com/privacy) to ensure that your data is manageable, exportable, and that there is utmost transparency. Check out all the new Privacy Terms and Conditions at tynker.com/privacy.

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