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Bulk email software free for up to 300 emails a day and unlimited subscribers. No credit card required.

Affordable bulk mailer software for email marketing

Deliver email blasts and email newsletters straight to the inbox with Brevo (formerly Sendinblue). Free bulk email software for up to 300 emails a day. No credit card required, cancel anytime.

Our tools are easy to use and perfect for beginners. Brevo is suitable for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Paid plans for bulk email sending start at $25 for 20,000 emails a month. Our pricing is based on the number of emails rather than the amount of subscribers. This makes us one of the best email marketing services for those with large contact lists

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Reliable email deliverability

Stay out of the spam folder. Brevo’s mass email software has dedicated infrastructure and resources in place to make sure your emails deliver to the inbox.

  • Actively managed SMTP servers
  • Option for high volume senders to purchase a dedicated IP
  • A team of experienced email deliverability experts
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Heavily protected sender reputations

We have a rigorous anti-spam policy to optimize email deliverability for all bulk email senders on our shared IPs.

  • Validation process for new users to keep spammers out
  • 100% opt-in email lists
  • Hard bounce addresses automatically blacklisted
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Powerful automation

Personalize your mass mailing campaigns with custom marketing automation workflows to follow up on email activity and website behavior. 

  • Deliver real-time automated emails 
  • Set up workflows in minutes with our easy-to-use editor
  • Boost open rates with personalized messaging
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300 emails a day. Unlimited subscribers. Sign up for free — no credit card, no commitment.

When you’re ready, upgrade for advanced email marketing features, including A/B testing and Send Time Optimization.

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Send engaging mass email marketing campaigns

The best bulk email software has all the tools you need to design professional-looking emails. Brevo’s email marketing software includes 3 different editors (Drag & Drop, rich text, HTML) and an email template gallery — all available on the free plan. Save money on a designer and wow your subscribers with stunning emails.

Drag & Drop email builder

Email design made easy. Our free bulk email sender lets you create bulk emails by simply dragging and dropping the different content elements onto the email body.

  • A quick and intuitive email design process
  • No graphic design skills required
  • Option to code emails from scratch using the HTML editor 
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Template gallery of free email templates with Brevo's drag-and-drop or html email builder.

Free email template gallery

Brevo’s free bulk email software gives you access to an extensive template gallery. 

  • 40+ free email templates ready for immediate use
  • Perfect for when you need to save time or get some inspiration
  • Easy customization — simply rearrange or add new content elements
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Mobile-friendly bulk emails

With Brevo’s email sending software, your emails will automatically be mobile-friendly  — no need for extra effort or coding on your part.

  • Responsive design emails to fit all screen sizes
  • Preview feature to test how an email renders on desktop, smartphone, and tablet
  • Emails that look great on all devices for a better subscriber experience
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Try Brevo's free bulk email software

Free for up to 300 emails a day. Get core email marketing tools and unlimited subscribers.

No credit card. No commitment.

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The best bulk email service to grow and manage your email list

Unlike other bulk email software, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) doesn’t charge you per contact stored. Grow your business with peace of mind — never worry about the number of subscribers impacting the price. Store an unlimited amount of contacts at no extra cost.

Unlimited email subscribers

Get maximum value out of your email list with Brevo.

  • Import existing via excel, .csv or .txt file
  • Synchronize contacts from another email provider like Mailchimp using our custom integrations
  • Organize contacts with advanced list management functionality
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Advanced segmentation

Optimize your mass emailing program with campaigns tailored to specific groups within your audience. Brevo’s powerful segmentation tool is available on all plans, free and paid.

  • Define rules that automatically filter subscribers into different email lists
  • Ensure your messages are tailored to individual contacts 
  • Increase subscriber engagement with relevant, personalized content
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Email signup forms

Our free mass emailing software lets you create customizable signup forms to embed on your website.

  • Grow your email list in a way that keeps your database GDPR-compliant 
  • Design and personalize subscription forms with the Drag & Drop email editor 
  • Place the forms on your website, social media profiles or share via link
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24/7 customer support

Our customer support team is available to answer questions in six languages. Brevo’s free plan offers support by email while paid plans include further options for live chat and phone support.

Email reports

Get detailed insights on email marketing campaign results including real-time email delivery rates and performance metrics (open rates, clicks, bounces).


Brevo’s Email API, SMTP relay, and selection of custom-built integrations for WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, and more.

Mass email software with multi-channel marketing tools

Brevo (ex Sendinblue)'s email marketing platform comes equipped with all the tools you need for a multichannel marketing strategy.

SMS marketing

Reach customers wherever they are with personalized SMS messages.

Transactional Email

Manage marketing and transactional emails all under one roof as part of your monthly plan.

Sales Platform

Build stronger relationships by keeping track of all your customer details in one place.


Chat with leads and customers on website, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram DMs.

Landing pages

Create custom landing pages for your campaigns to drive conversions.

Facebook Ads

Launch ads to retarget contacts or reach new audiences based on your contact lists.

Hear what other marketers have to say about Brevo

Brevo has saved me so much time, and the automation was so easy to set up! It has seriously helped me increase my conversions.
Elise Thorel
Communication Coordinator @ InFocus
I added Brevo to my ecommerce site in a few clicks! Now I can automate campaigns and track conversions in real time.
Julien Bergis
Co-Founder @ Les Raffineurs
I've advised clients to use Brevo for years. It's super easy to set up and use, and the support is always responsive when you need it.
Marine Legrand
Co-Founder @ AgenceMe


What is bulk email software?

Bulk email software is used to send emails to large lists of contacts. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) is an example of bulk email software. This type of email service provider is not to be confused with free email providers like Gmail and Outlook. These services are intended for one-to-one emailing and have strict daily sending limits that make them unsuitable for sending bulk emails. To send a commercial email to a large list you’ll need to invest in dedicated bulk email software. Typically, this type of software comes with additional features to support email design, email list management, and reporting.

How can I send bulk emails?

First select the best bulk email service suited to your needs. Subscribe to a plan that supports the volume of bulk emails you plan to send. Import your existing contacts onto the platform or start gathering new subscribers via email subscription forms. Then start planning your first email marketing campaigns. Use tools like the drag and drop editor to create an eye-catching email design. Finally, schedule your email to send at the best time for your audience.

How can I send bulk emails for free?

You can send up to 300 emails per day on Brevo (ex Sendinblue)’s free plan and store unlimited subscribers. You don’t need a credit card to sign up and you can cancel your account at any time.

To send a bulk email campaign to more than 300 recipients per day you’ll need to sign up to one of our paid plans (starting at $25 for 20,000 emails a month).  

How to send bulk emails without spamming?

Your email lists should be 100% opt-in. That means subscribers have explicitly consented to receive email communications from you. Include a clearly visible unsubscribe link in every email. Never purchase email lists.

Avoid click-bait subject lines and make sure your email content and frequency respect your ‘signup promise’ (what you said you’d email about and how often). When subscribers know exactly what emails to expect and when, they’re less likely to mark you as spam.

How do you make sure email does not go to spam?

While there’s no way to guarantee your email doesn’t go to spam, there are a number of email deliverability best practices that’ll help you reach the inbox. Common techniques include 

  • Authenticating your domain name as part of your DKIM signature (the technical email signature that proves your identity to ISPs)
  • Cleaning your email list regularly and removing unengaged contacts to maintain high engagement rates and a trusted sender reputation among ISPs/webmail providers
  • Using a double opt-in confirmation (easily set up with Brevo) to avoid misspelled email addresses.
  • Avoiding spam trigger words (free, cheap, bargain, $$$, bonus, urgent, don’t wait!, etc.) in your email subject line and content.

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