The Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit

The Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit
Last Updated: December 21, 2020 8:39 am

The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving

Tynker and BBC Learning have joined forces to bring you the Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit, a programmable Internet of Things mini-computer designed to get kids coding, a vital 21st century skill that uses artificial intelligence, robotics, and more!

Krishna Vedati, CEO of Tynker, stated:

“Over the last eight years, Tynker has engaged 60 million kids worldwide in coding and we look to continue to build the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers with this partnership. The BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor is perfectly designed to spark kids’ curiosity in physical computing as they learn to program the Internet of Things using block-coding and MicroPython.”

What is the Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit?

Powered by a robust SiFive processor, the HiFive Inventor comes complete with 20 guided lessons developed by Tynker’s highly trained programmers and narrated by the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. It’s also equipped with built-in sensors, 16 million color-LED display, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, a lighted USB cable, external battery pack, speaker, and alligator clips.

Plus, Tynker has created thousands of additional activities in which kids can navigate through exciting lessons like wirelessly piloting an alien spaceship, building an intergalactic weather station, controlling a robot, inventing alien musical instruments, and more.

The HiFive Inventor is perfect for children ages 7+. No coding experience is necessary. Just bring your imagination and get ready to learn how to code the Tynker way—by having fun!

What will my child learn with the HiFive?

The HiFive Inventor aims to impart building-block knowledge to young coders, allowing them to use their creativity to positively impact lives by tackling global challenges to the environment, health and wellness, and other areas.

Once logged in, kids will begin their adventure with 20 self-paced coding courses that cover the basics of block coding and Python. Beginners will become familiar with the language of Tynker block coding, while more advanced coders will build upon the fundamentals of Python and write their own lines of code to program gadgets and other projects. 

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My child finished the Doctor Who lessons, what’s next?

We’re glad you asked! The fun doesn’t end once your child masters the guided lessons. With the “Create Project” sandbox environment, kids will have the chance to write their own code and make their own projects. The Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit will bring your child’s imagination to life!

Though the HiFive Inventor isn’t part of your paid subscription, it’s always been our mission to develop fun and intelligent products for young coders to support their creativity and ambitions. As in previous partnerships with companies like Mattel (Hot Wheels & Barbie), we were honored to team up with the good people at BBC Learning.


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