Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Last Updated: May 4, 2021 3:00 pm

Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of all the wonderful mothers across the world, Tynker would like to say thank you! Here are some different projects that your child can do to show how much they care—with code! Ask your child to show you how they coded their project or code a Mother’s Day project together!

  • Spa Day Simulator
    • Help your mother decompress with this new relaxation-themed project. Your child can code this dress-up game based on a spa visit. Then, they can take a screenshot of the finished design and make a great Mother’s Day card. In the process, they’ll learn valuable coding concepts like costume handling, visibility, and messaging.
  • Digital Storytelling
    • For Mother’s Day, your child can use code to create a digital story about what they admire and love about their mother or any special mother-figure in their life. Plus, easy, step-by-step instructions will show them how to animate their characters! Along the way, they’ll learn coding concepts like broadcast/receive, motion, show/hide, and say.

  • Mad Libs® for Mom!
    • Create a gift that Mom is sure to love with a hilarious Mad Libs–style story! Start by writing a story about your mother, or any mother-figure in your life, explaining why you love her. When you’re done, take out certain words to create blanks, which will be filled in by whoever is using the program, so that every time you play the program, you’ll end up with a different story!
  • Mother’s Day Card
    • In this tutorial, your child will learn how to create their own Mother’s Day card with their own background music. Plus, they can deliver the card via email to make sure it arrives on your special day!


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