Change the Game: Minecraft Modding with Tynker!

Change the Game: Minecraft Modding with Tynker!
Last Updated: July 20, 2021 11:50 am

Change the Game: Minecraft Modding with Tynker!

Have you ever played Minecraft and thought, “Hey, I really wish I could change this one thing about the game to make it even better?” Well, with Tynker you can!

In a practice known as modding (think “modifying”), you can write your own code and apply it to an existing game – in this case, Minecraft.

Since it’s a video game world, your creations know no bounds. If you can code it, you can put it in the game! Don’t worry about not having enough modding experience, as there’s an easy fix. Using Tynker’s built-in modifiers and courses, you can go from knowing nothing about modding to being an expert in no time.

How To Mod

Want to change how your character looks or make eggs burst into flames when you throw them?

Simply go to the Minecraft section on Tynker’s website and look around. Tynker offers a mod starter pack that shows you the ropes of modding. Whether you’re creating skins or trying out basic mods in your Minecraft world, this is a great introduction for beginners.

Once you gain more experience, be sure to try out Mod Design I and II. These two courses will guide you through creating exciting additions to your Minecraft world, such as a wand that turns blocks into TNT, or a lightning security system that zaps enemies.

If you’re interested to see what other young coders are making, you can look at their creations on the Tynker Community page where the projects are organized by:

  • Skins – Change your character’s appearance.
  • Mobs – Change the appearance of creatures in your game.
  • Items – Create items that your character can use in your game.
  • Blocks – Change the appearance of blocks in your game.
  • Add-ons – Change the way creatures in the game appear and behave.

Each category is ranked by the most popular creations or those that are featured. If you want, you can use these creations in your own Minecraft game. And once you decide to create your own mods, they can be displayed here too! 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can make it yourself! There’s no need to worry about how much coding experience you have, as Tynker’s drag and drop coding makes modding easy to learn. Some things like skins don’t even require any coding, as they can be created using an easy-to-understand interface in Tynker.

Your Very Own Minecraft Server

Once you’ve coded your mods, you can play around with them on your very own private Minecraft server. To do this, just follow the instructions on the Tynker website. These steps will vary based on what type of device you’re using to access Minecraft, but it’s fairly easy to set up.

Your mods will be downloaded to your server, and then you’re set to go – you can experiment with your mods with the time you have.

Once you code your mods, take a moment to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. You just took a video game and made it even better, using just your imagination and blocks of code. That’s super cool. The game you play is now partly your creation!

Now it’s time to show off your mods to your friends. Your Minecraft server is secure, so no one else can join your world without your permission. If you want your friends to join, you can grant them permission by giving them your server name. Then, you can impress them by revealing all the cool things you’ve coded into the game.

Minecraft Courses

If you want a structured learning experience, then look no further than the courses that Tynker offers on Minecraft. These courses allow you to have fun and experiment while learning valuable modding skills

Up until now, we’ve mentioned several courses: Mod Design I, Mod design II, and the mod starter pack. But this isn’t all the Tynker platform has to offer! 

Courses include:

This course leads you through creating 3 different games in Minecraft: Capture the Flag, Slimeball Soccer, and Tower Defense.

Use code to build cool structures, summon mobs, and create different games.

Perfect for any fan of mythology, this course teaches students to bring fantastical creatures like pegasi and mermaids to their Minecraft world.

Are you a fan of mysteries and puzzles? Then try Agent Recall, a course that takes you through six unique worlds full of challenges that you must overcome through modding.

Even better is that … drumroll, please … another Tynker Minecraft course has just been launched called Gears of Time. This sequel to Agent Recall contains six more amazing worlds to explore, filled to the brim with tricky puzzles and wacky characters. With 48 daring challenges to overcome, it’s an ideal way to improve modding skills and have fun over the summer!


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