Tynker Launches Innovative New Pathway to Master Coding

Tynker Launches Innovative New Pathway to Master Coding
Last Updated: April 21, 2022 2:06 pm

Tynker Launches Innovative “Coding Path” to Master Coding

Tynker’s award-winning coding platform just got better! We know that computer programming is a lifelong journey so we’re constantly looking for new and better ways to take our young coders from novices to experts. That’s why we’ve carefully designed a pathway to coding excellence—tailored to the individual learner—with 300 lessons featuring six mastery levels

Find it in your Student Dashboard as My Coding Path.

Our levels are a self-guided system where children complete interactive challenges, watch videos, and hands-on tutorials to learn the fundamental concepts of computer science. Tynker’s system grows in complexity with the learner in a scaffolded, goal-orientated, and customized learning curriculum that will reward your child for reaching new levels and keep them pushing forward.

Novices can start learning the basics on level 1, while kids with prior programming experience will begin the process by taking a placement test to put them in one of six mastery levels based on their previous coding experience. Through story-based scenarios, gamified challenges, and periodic assessments, they’ll build a solid foundation in computer programming with a deeper understanding of the concepts needed to advance to the highest level. 

In the first three levels, we start kids with block coding, which allows them to learn the fundamentals of programming and make incredible creative projects without the frustrations of syntax. In the next 3 levels, they’ll learn the Python programming language. The rules of Python syntax are simple enough for anyone to learn, even coders as young as 9 or 10.

Once they’re using real-world coding languages like Python, the sky’s the limit. Millions of working programmers earn a living writing Python every day, making it the perfect first programming Language. 

After completing each unit, your child will take a quiz to assess what they’ve learned. Once they pass a level, they’ll receive a certificate to celebrate their success. As coders progress, they’ll unlock new pathways and rewards, challenging them to move forward (just like in martial arts). Plus, you can track their journey from your parent dashboard as Tynker certifies the results of their efforts, which will be a source of pride for both you and your child.

In addition, students can supplement their learning with interest-based electives such as Modding with Minecraft, Robotics & AR, and Game Design. And for more advanced students, Tynker offers a variety of electives, including Image Processing and Art, AP prep with Java, and Data Science.

Tynker is designed to be self-guided so children can learn and excel on their own. All you have to do is sit back and watch them learn a valuable skill. Let’s take a quick look at the six levels and see how your child can progress:

Intro 1: Programming Basics 

Think like a coder with hands-on exploration of coding puzzles. Step-by-step tutorials with creative characters keep projects fun and engaging.

Intro 2: Creating with Code

Use visual block-based coding to explore game creation and storytelling. 

Intro 3: Advanced Block Coding

Learn to write exciting physics games, animations, and simulations. Take block coding to its limits and explore real computer science!

Python 1: Python Fundamentals

Learn Python, the text-based programming language used by millions of professional coders.

Python 2: Advanced Python Concepts

Explore advanced Python programming techniques such as functions, data structures, recursion, and more.

Python 3: Real-World Python

Use Python to explore game design and data science, as well as create digital art.

With just a few minutes of coding with Tynker each day, your child will advance their coding skills and have a blast doing it. We also know they have unique interests that drive their desire to learn. Check out our amazing block coding electives:

Tynker Block Coding Electives

Tynker Computer Science Electives

With Tynker, your child can learn real-world skills and get certified in Data Science, AI, Image Processing, Web Development, and more. 

Tynker’s award-winning coding curriculum is the world’s #1 way for children of all ages and experience levels to learn computer programming, and now it’s even more effective and fun. Our gamified, story-driven courses and activities are designed to make learning how to code fun and easy, motivating children to master more and more coding concepts to complete projects.

We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code!


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