Announcing: Artificial Intelligence with Tynker

Announcing: Artificial Intelligence with Tynker
Last Updated: September 23, 2022 8:25 am

Announcing: Artificial Intelligence with Tynker

Smart phones, smart cars, smart TVs — did you ever wonder how all this technology got so smart? The answer is AI or Artificial Intelligence. So how can young coders use Artificial Intelligence in their Tynker projects? We’ve been working on that!

Tynker is excited to announce an all new block-coding class, exploring Artificial Intelligence in a fun, hands-on way. Not only that, you’ll find an all new set of AI code blocks available to everyone!

Powerful New Blocks

You’ve always been able to use live video and your computer’s webcam with Tynker’s Augmented Reality blocks (AR). But now we’ve added face, hand, and body tracking to the system, allowing for amazing interactive projects.

Take your webcam’s input to the next level — Tynker can now analyze live video on the fly, so you can create amazing games and interactive AI experiences. You’ll find three cool block types within the Pose Detection Extension. 

Face — Create costumes and Snapchat-style filters to capture a totally unique selfie! Paint on a 3D mesh that follows your face — or make actors follow you around and react to changes! Think: A clown nose, a custom hat, or even a complete make-over.

Hand — Create games and apps that follow your fingers! Paint with your fingertips or make an interactive “shadow puppet” that follows your hand. You can even create on-screen buttons and sliders that you can manipulate using your fingers!

Body — Create a dancing game or an exercise tracker. The on-screen characters will follow your every dance move. Program apps that can recognize gestures and more. 

In addition to these blocks, you’ll find Object Recognition blocks that help classify objects — either using static photos or live video. 

You’ll also find Natural Language Processing (NLP) blocks that allow you to create chatbots and other fancy text-processing applications easily, with block code.

Find Amazing Free, Artificial Intelligence Tutorials

More than that, you’ll find an all-new set of AI Projects in your Dashboard (+Create Project > Artificial Intelligence). You’ll see simple starter “blank projects” with extensions enabled, as well as patient, step-by-step how-tos on the basics. 

Sock Puppet

Explore the hand-tracking blocks with a simple application: Turn your hand into a sock-puppet monster and create an interactive scene. Create some mayhem or save the day—it’s all up to you!


The face-tracking AI blocks allow for amazing interactive video projects. In this project, you’ll write a program where cartoony eyes follow your real-life eyes on screen. Then open your mouth for an eye-popping surprise.

Thing With a Face

Explore the object recognition blocks. Make something in your world “come alive” by adding your own doodles — add an animated face that follows an object of your choice, in real time. 

Snow Angel

Learn how to use the body-tracking blocks. Make a snow angel by moving your hands up and down. Combine AI with the Pen Blocks to create interactive drawing apps!

Join Tynker’s Live Artificial Intelligence Classes

Want to see everything that’s possible? Sign up for live, one-on-one private tutoring with one of our amazing Tynker teachers.

Check out this amazing class:

  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence (Live! Block Coding) Ages 7-12
    • Learn to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in your block coding projects and make your code come to life in an all-new way.

Class Details: What You’ll Learn With Artificial Intelligence

Curious about exactly what’s inside our live AI Class? Read on.

Lesson 1: Mad Hatter

Explore the basics of AI with the Face-Tracking blocks. Create a costume that follows you wherever you go! Add a wizard hat, clown nose, cowboy mustache, or whatever else you like. 

  • Show and enable Face-Tracking
  • Switch costumes with code
  • Work with live video 

Lesson 2: Face Painting Booth

Draw on a 3D face mesh! Make a carnival-style face paint creation. Create a costume or add glamorous makeup.

  • Explore Face-Tracking landmarks
  • Use the face-effect block to draw on a face mesh

Lesson 3: World Traveler

Create a green screen effect with live video and the Pose-Tracking blocks. Make a different animal appear as you change the scene. 

  • Enable Pose-Tracking and work with body segmentation 
  • Switch backgrounds with code
  • Use mouse events to control where you go

Lesson 4: Protect the Cupcake

Use the Hand-Tracking blocks to create an augmented reality “defense” game. Don’t let the foxes steal your food!

  • Show and enable Hand-Tracking
  • Use positions of hand landmarks to control the motion of actors

Lesson 5: Bubble Frenzy

Create a game using the Hand-Tracking blocks. The bubble only pops if you follow the instructions, exactly! Explore Hand-Tracking landmarks and game logic. 

  • Use dictionaries to represent landmarks efficiently
  • Use positions of hand landmarks to control game flow
  • Use variables to keep track of game state

Lesson 6: Turtle Racer

Use the Hand-Tracking blocks to create a virtual game controller! Control where the actor goes using a virtual steering wheel! 

  • Show and enable Hand-Tracking
  • Use angles of landmarks to control the motion of actors
  • Use variables and positions of actors to control game flow

Have fun and keep on learning Artificial Intelligence! What will you create with the AI Blocks?

Check out Tynker Live Classes and learn more about inspiring the next generation to change the world through code.

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