Reasons to Code, According to Nine Young Coders

Reasons to Code, According to Nine Young Coders
Last Updated: April 29, 2016 6:21 pm

Reasons to Code, According to Nine Young Coders

Across the country, legislators and prominent entrepeneurs have been calling for all kids to learn to code. They cite the importance of computational thinking and the demand for programmers in our economy.

But what do kids think about expanding CS education? We asked nine kids who love coding with Tynker whether they think other kids should learn to code. Here’s what they said:


Picture of Max, 11 years old

“Yes! So people can code different things that could be useful to this world.”

Max, 11 from Chicago, Illinois

Picture of Benji, 11 years old

“Yeah. I think coding is the future. The police need coding to track down criminals. And especially NASA. Without coding, they’d be stuck and not even able to send up rockets.”

Benji, 11 from McKinney, Texas

Picture of Lindsay, 11 years old
“Yeah because it’s really fun and it’s a good experience. I think they would have a lot of fun with it like I do.”

Lindsay, 11 from Zimmerman, Minnesota

Picture of Paige, 11 years old
“Oh yeah, I’ve already shown one of my friends Caden. I helped him make a game where you touch the screen and the Actor jumps and there’s a log that you have to avoid.”

-Paige, 11 from Bow, Washington

Picture of Merlin, 10 years old
“Yeah. Because there are many opportunities that you can have with coding. You can basically do any job with coding.”

-Merlin, 10 from Minnetonka, Minnesota

Picture of Kira, 13 years old
“Yeah. It’s really awesome.”

Kira, 13 from St. Clairsville, Ohio

Picture of Jorge, 11 years old
“Sí, la verdad es que es entretenido y merece la pena estar programando treinta minutos para luego tener un juego que dure más.”

-Jorge, 11 from Madrid, España

Picture of Ryan, 11 years old
“It’s something fun that you can do when you’re bored or something.”

Ryan, 11 from Lancaster, Ohio

Picture of Brenda, 9 years old
“Yes, because it really helps me and gets me focused on real things instead of fake things in life.”

Brenda, 9 from Copperas Cove, TX

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