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PLANET Bourgogne is a French software development firm specializing in custom tech solutions for clients around the world. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) is proud to partner with the company to offer tailor-made solutions addressing our Enterprise clients’ unique tech challenges. Notably, PLANET Bourgogne developed and outsources a custom API Proxy for a worldwide telecommunications company that recently became a Brevo client.

As David Juras, head of software development, explains, “People come to us when they don’t find the exact product or service they’re looking for on the market.” In this way, PLANET Bourgogne prides itself on designing and providing innovative business solutions that don’t exist elsewhere.

The second core activity of PLANET Bourgogne is hosting platform engineering and outsourcing, another reason why Brevo and its client were so eager to partner with the company. For both those core activities, PLANET Bourgogne’s high-value, turn-key solutions are what make it so competitive.

In order to deliver the best possible results for their customers, David and his team approach every project a bit differently. He explains, “While we are a small company, our clients like us because we’re there with them from A to Z. We ask the right questions.” 

This brainstorm strategy works to their advantage, allowing PLANET Bourgogne and their customers to have a productive back-and-forth, revisit ideas, and settle on the right way forward for all parties.

In terms of their history with Brevo, PLANET Bourgogne started out as a Whitelabel customer, attracted by the platform’s functional and technical capabilities. Impressed by Brevo’s professionalism as a provider, PLANET Bourgogne was happy to accept the challenge of designing a custom solution for Brevo’s client.

The challenge: integrating the client's legacy message center with Brevo

The Enterprise client was eager to get started using the platform’s email marketing and transactional email features. But before they could do that, they needed to find a way to integrate their internal message center with the Brevo platform. That’s where PLANET Bourgogne stepped in.

The Brevo platform was not compatible with the client’s legacy message center. More specifically, the issue revolved around hooks. Hooks communicate bits of information between two softwares, allowing the platforms to speak to each other. In email marketing, hooks typically communicate whether an email is delivered, soft bounced, or hard bounced.

PLANET Bourgogne’s task was to design a custom, autonomous and secured API proxy that would allow the client to receive this data in their internal message center. And because the tech giant’s daily email volume had such high peaks, about 50 million emails per day, they needed something custom-built. 

In short, PLANET Bourgogne’s solution would need to support 150 million hooks from Brevo per day, store and flag them, then transform and make them available for the client’s message center through the newly built API.

Designing & delivering a tailor-made solution

As a result of this three-way collaboration, Brevo’s client has been able to import vital email data into their native message center and benefits from a custom-built API capable of supporting 50 million email sends per day and 2,000 hooks per second.

As mentioned above, PLANET Bourgogne doesn’t have a typical approach when it comes to designing solutions for clients. Instead, each case requires a unique strategy. Their project with Brevo was no different.

The process began with a stakeholder meeting between PLANET Bourgogne, the client, and Brevo. After discussing the clients’ needs and expectations, PLANET Bourgogne got to work crafting an architecture. Within three weeks, they got back to Brevo with a proof of concept. 

From there, Brevo handled interim meetings and checkpoints with PLANET Bourgogne to ensure their solution aligned with the platform and the client’s specifications. Not long after, the hooks proxy was ready to be implemented between the client and Brevo’s systems. 

For PLANET Bourgogne, designing this solution represents the crux of their work. As David explained, “We’re happy to accept challenging, unusual projects.” Their team of developers specializes and excels in creating bespoke, innovative solutions, which is not necessarily the case for their competitors.

For the Brevo client, this partnership delivered a hassle-free solution to a complex technical problem. With the help of PLANET Bourgogne, the client’s legacy message center was able to be integrated into the Brevo platform, allowing the telecommunications giant to continue with email marketing success. 

Could your business benefit from a custom software solution to scale your digital marketing? To learn more about custom features and plans with Brevo, visit our Enterprise website or contact us directly.


PLANET Bourgogne team members pictured above, from left to right: Léonard Potherat – Software R&D and Architecture Lead, David Juras – Head of Software, and Sébastien Bligny – IT Operations Lead.

Company Information

Since 1995, PLANET Bourgogne has been designing, implementing and maintaining custom-made IT solutions for clients around the world. Offering both hosting and outsourcing as well as custom software development services, PLANET Bourgogne specializes in designing both standard and tailor-made information systems for its clients. Its team of experienced engineers, developers, and designers allows it to craft unique solutions to unique problems.

  • Industry: SaaS / technology
  • Company Size: 30 employees
  • Location: Saint-Apollinaire, France
  • Website: planetb.fr
  • Plan: Enterprise

David Juras, Head of Software Development

“Brevo is as good a partner as it is a provider. They respect us a lot both as customers and business partners.”

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