How Can I Enhance My Kids’ Remote Learning From Home This Fall?

How Can I Enhance My Kids’ Remote Learning From Home This Fall?
Last Updated: July 30, 2020 1:21 pm

How Can I Enhance My Kids’ Remote Learning From Home This Fall?

With so much uncertainty surrounding the upcoming academic year, parents will once again need to prepare for school closures or, at the very least, a blended distance learning environment requiring remote/online student participation.

In addition, after-school activities will most likely be limited or canceled outright. As a result, we’re all facing more time stuck at home, which means parents will have to find new ways to enable their children to develop, learn, and create. 

It’s crucial right now to keep our children’s brains sharp and their creativity thriving by finding resources that will help them maintain their progress at school and expand their imagination. For most kids, remote learning was new to them this past spring. Surveys showed some did well. But many didn’t.

Fortunately, learning to code with Tynker is a proven solution. We’ve been educating kids worldwide for over 7 years. Coding opens up kids’ creativity while building essential academic and learning skills.

Tynker is the #1 Coding Platform for Kids and Teens in the World.

Here are 6 ways Tynker can enhance the education of our kids and teens by making their screen time at home less passive and more productive. 

1. Learning to code BENEFITS CHILDREN ACADEMICALLY. Coding helps them not only in math and science but also reading, while developing essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as the mental fortitude to see a project through to completion.

2. Tynker’s ENORMOUS CODING PLATFORM keeps getting bigger and bigger. We have 3,700+ coding activities with daily missions, self-help tools, DIY projects, debugging puzzles, challenges, and assessment quizzes, from block to text-based coding, ages 5-18, kindergarten through high school. That’s over 600 hours of unique content to keep your kids running on all cylinders!

3. Children can use Tynker ON THEIR OWN. All we have to do as parents is sign them up. We have over 40 self-guided and self-paced courses with easy step-by-step instructions to get them started making their own Apps, Games, and more!

4. Coding with Tynker is FUN. Our interest-based courses and activities are GAMIFIED. With Tynker, kids can play with Minecraft but they’ll also be learning to code, developing a skill that will last a lifetime.

5. At Tynker, coding is an exercise in LIMITLESS CREATIVITY. If you can dream it, you can do it—with code! We have courses and activities in Art, Music, Storytelling, Drones, Web Dev, and much more.

6. Coding is a 21st CENTURY SKILL that just about everyone will need in future job markets. With Tynker, children get to experiment with Augmented Reality and Robotics while learning real-world coding languages like JavaScript and Python.

Schools are doing everything they can to prepare for the fall semester—and so should you. Don’t let your children fall behind academically just because they’re not in a classroom setting.

Since offering the world’s first online coding courses for kids in 2013, over 60,000 million young coders around the globe have benefitted from using Tynker.

We’re trusted by leading brands such as Apple, Google For Education, Microsoft, PBS, Sylvan Learning, and BBC Learning, while forming partnerships with Lego, Mattel, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and of course Minecraft. 

Let your kids (ages 7+) try Tynker’s beginner course Glitch Manor FREE for 30 days. They’ll have a great time learning to code as they explore a haunted mansion, fight off zombies, solve mysteries, and more! Parents just need to sign up and create a free account for their kids.

For news and updates, follow us on Twitter at: @gotynker

We can’t wait to see what your kids will create with code!


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