Tynker’s Story-Driven Platform Strikes A Chord With Coders

Tynker’s Story-Driven Platform Strikes A Chord With Coders
Last Updated: October 8, 2020 2:33 pm

Tynker’s Story-Driven Platform Strikes A Chord With Coders

Sitting around the campfire at night telling stories is how history was passed along from generation to generation for centuries while teaching valuable life lessons. The more compelling the story, the more likely people paid attention and remembered the important details. That’s why Tynker uses a story-driven platform to fully capture kids’ attention, a process designed to support learning objectives while enhancing the learning experience.

This approach not only engages young coders but encourages them to use their imagination in conveying their thoughts and feelings. By defining their experiences within the context of narratives and using them as a means of communication, kids can express how they see the world.

“3rd graders created stories with dialogue and lively characters in Tynker. They were so caught up in creating and narrating their stories, they didn’t even realize they were coding, writing, and crafting a compelling storyline at the same time.”

—Kathy Bottaro, Digital Learning Coordinator, Sioux City School District, Iowa

Story-based Strategy

Tynker is the most effective program for teaching children of all ages to code because it’s the most engaging. This is what separates us from the pack. Our award-winning platform captivates coders because its story-driven strategy motivates them to complete more and more lessons.

Story-based Courses

Tynker’s story-based courses take kids from coding novices to experts faster and easier than anyone else because they’re having FUN. Kids become so engrossed in the stories that they don’t even realize they’re learning fundamental concepts along the way.

Ada’s Adventure – (Ages 8+) In this intro to coding course, kids learn to code by helping Professor Ada defeat Dr. Glitch with math and problem-solving skills.

Over 100 activities, DIY projects, puzzles, and quizzes will teach kids to build projects with Actors, Costumes, and Sound while learning about loops, animation, and simple motion, as well as Operators, logic expressions, and branching code.

Dragon Blast – (Ages 9+) In this Hour of Code activity, kids get to choose their own dragon to go on a quest with them for treasure through a mystical jungle.

Kids will navigate 27 complex coding puzzles and learn advanced sequencing, debugging, and other intermediate coding skills while their dragon eats tasty bugs to gain cool power-ups!

Turing’s Tower – (Ages 10+) This steampunk-styled platformer game is an intro to coding course, where kids get to scour the globe and repair a flying tower to fight off a giant robotic dragon.

With 56 programming activities, 16 coding puzzles, and 16 mini-games to build, kids will learn to combine animation and sound with motion and events to code the flying tower and even make a collection minigame.

600 Hours of Unique Coding Content

Tynker has over 600 hours of coding content for ages 5-18 with more than 3,700 coding activities— all the tools and inspiration kids will need to tell their own story by coding original interactive projects.

Kids can post their projects to our secure global community for feedback from their peers. And they can even enter in coding contests like our Tynker Summer Code Jam. This year, young coders from around the world submitted over 30,000 projects!

Plus, Tynker is self-guided, which means kids can learn to code on their own and at their own pace—without any help from their parents. Whether making the next big video game, designing a life-saving app, or developing a formula to recycle plastic, coding is a 21st century catalyst to having a positive impact on the world through technology.

Try Tynker for FREE

Parents just need to sign up and create a free account for their kids. That way, they can try out Tynker before you get a plan. Story-based courses are a great way to engage kids because while they’re focusing on completing a game mission, they’ll be learning coding concepts!

  • Glitch Manor — A 30-day free trial of this premium course, an immersive point and click adventure where kids explore a haunted mansion to solve mysteries with code.
  • And there’s more!
    • The Creativity Suite contains tools to help coders build apps and games, code in Python and JavaScript, and design Minecraft skins, mods, and add-ons. And, it’s always FREE.
    • Do-It-Yourself Projects & Puzzles are a great way to learn how to code by letting kids get creative with art, music, storytelling, game design, robotics, and more! A free account provides 20 activities.
    • On-The-Go Apps can access free learning modules with Tynker Junior, Tynker, and Mod Creator.

33 Cents per Day!

This is the perfect time to unlock your child’s potential with a subscription to Tynker at a fantastic price! Right now, our annual individual plan breaks down to just 33 cents per day and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For news and updates, follow us on Twitter at: @gotynker.

We can’t wait to see what your kids will create with code!


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