“Spring” into Coding!

“Spring” into Coding!
Last Updated: March 31, 2021 10:01 pm

Budding flowers and warmer weather can spark a fresh outlook. Why not encourage your child to explore new activities? Creating with code allows kids to use their imagination and have fun, whether they’re at home on their computers or on the go with their tablets. And once they’ve learned how to code, they’ll have a new way to create their end-of-year school projects and more.

To inspire kids’ creative genius, have them play our multi-level platformer created using the Level Editor tool. As kids help Codey to eat through dark chocolate walls and follow the hopping bunny in search of brightly painted treasure, they can think about how they can create a game of their own with code!

EGG HUNT (Coded with Tynker)

Instructions: Click on Codey and drag to the right or left to move him. To make Codey jump, click on him and swipe upwards. He can eat his way out! Just click on the dark chocolate walls. Collect the eggs to earn points.  You’ll get points for collecting all of the candy, too.

Being able to easily create immersive 2D game worlds with Tynker’s powerful tools is a great way to get kids hooked on game design and coding. Kids can create stunning games quickly with our step by step guide to using the Level Editor. Tweaking the game, adding new levels, animating characters, defining game play, and debugging programs can turn kids who love playing games into tomorrow’s creators and innovators. If your child has not started programming yet, our introductory courses are a great way to begin. Find the recommended learning path for your child.

It’s time to “spring” into action! School breaks and holidays are upon us and you might be searching for new ways to keep them occupied. Encourage your child to create new programs and games that they will enjoy and share with friends.

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