BrevoPlus for Enterprise

Work across sub-accounts, manage permissions and allowances centrally, benefit from priority SLAs, and more. BrevoPlus offers solutions for the most advanced business needs.

Manage from your master account

Grow your business with one master account. BrevoPlus lets you manage multiple business units, billing, and user permissions from one place. Use the dashboard track all your business units as well as their credits and users.

Thanks to flexible account management, adding users and sub-accounts is quick and easy. Set up single sign-on to keep things simple for your team. Keep campaigns running with metered billing.

Stay organized with sub-accounts

Organize your teams and data securely with BrevoPlus sub-accounts. You choose the allowances and permissions. Each sub-account comes with its own IP address and API key.

With water-tight data separation, you can be sure your businesses and brands have their own independent environments. Sub-accounts can even be customized to match each brand's visual identity.

"It is an excellent platform for a company with our kind of structure. The pricing is attractive and in line with our budget. For us, it’s essential that the data from different online stores stays separate. This would be very difficult to manage with just one account, so the multi-account solution is ideal for us, it's both fast and user-friendly."

Thomas Brunner, CRM Manager at Swiss Commerce

Benefit from priority SLAs

When something’s not right, get priority assistance to resolve the issue. BrevoPlus clients benefit from 99.9% platform uptime and a dedicated support team providing first responses within an hour.