Tynker’s Incredible Minecraft Coding Adventure Continues!

Tynker’s Incredible Minecraft Coding Adventure Continues!
Last Updated: July 9, 2021 9:49 am

Tynker’s Incredible Minecraft Coding Adventure Continues! 

Looking for some easy summer fun? How about a cool family activity? What if you could enter an amazing, educational Minecraft world?!

Tynker is excited to announce the launch of our latest Minecraft coding course, Gears of Time, the exciting follow-up to Agent Recall: Minecraft Escape Room

In this immersive Minecraft adventure, your child will use their coding skills to overcome obstacles as they traverse an interactive game world. Tricky brainteasers, coding challenges, wacky characters, and creative builds will inspire kids to write their own code.

The Details

What Do I Need? The Minecraft course Agent Recall and the follow-up, Gears of Time, are available to everyone with a paid Tynker Home subscription. Minecraft for Windows 10 is also required for these new Minecraft-driven courses (version 1.16.210 or higher).

Why Minecraft? Kids love it! Learning to code with a familiar and fun game like Minecraft is an immersive experience that will inspire kids to create cool coding projects of their own. 

Language: Simple drag-and-drop block code, suitable for ages 7 and up. 

How Does It Work? To begin this adventure, just download the Minecraft world and load it in Minecraft. You’ll then be able to explore an amazing custom Minecraft world with a Tynker coding environment side-by-side on your screen. 

This course focuses on creating Minecraft Games, taking the skills kids learned in Agent Recall to the next level. 

The goal of Gears of Time is to solve all the coding challenges in 6 amazing adventure worlds. To finish this course, coders will complete 48 challenges to Recover the Gears of Time and save the day! 

Elemental Island

Meet Codey, your coding companion, and brave the challenges of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air! Travel to the center of the volcano to proceed. 

Rainbow Ninja

Explore lists in this colorful world suspended in the sky. Change Minecraft data values to explore secret codes, create custom lists, and become the Rainbow Ninja! 

Haunted Theme Park

Travel to an abandoned amusement park — and bring it to life (if something scary doesn’t get you first). Learn how to use variables to control fundamental game logic as you visit the park’s spooky attractions!

Pyramid Secrets

Travel back in time to ancient Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations to use math. Learn how to use the modulo, nested loops, and more to build unique patterns and reach the Oasis.

Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks enjoyed a good sporting match: In this world, you’ll have to combine events and variables to power up your code. Can you survive the final challenge in the Colosseum?

Secret Lab

Something’s gone wrong: You’re the guinea pig. Escape the Lab by putting together all of your coding knowledge. Find the final Gear of Time at the end of a booby-trapped maze. 


Bonus Multiplayer Games

Once you’ve completed the solo quest, a multiplayer Game Room is unlocked. Join your fellow members of the Guild of Adventurers and compete for glory. 

  • Top Miner. Compete to collect ore in an extraordinarily well-stocked mine. Can you write code to help find the most precious metals before anyone else? 
  • Build Battle. It’s time for a build-off. With each new contest, you’ll get random blocks to work with. Then, vote on who built it best! 
  • Elemental Race. Confront the challenges of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air and race your friends to the exit. Choose your path wisely, as perils lie ahead! 
  •  Banana Hunt. Everyone’s on the hunt for bananas in this exciting game that lets you choose the strategy that fits you best. Get a high vantage to survey your surroundings? Strike out on your own? Become a pest? Don’t forget: The person with the most bananas wins! 

Invite your friends and have a blast! These multiplayer modes make Agent Recall and Gears of Time the perfect courses for an after-school activity, a coding club, or simply great entertainment for the whole family.

What Kids Learn

While they’re having fun, kids learn about key computing concepts and get inspiration to create their own original Minecraft code and creations. Kids learn how Tynker’s Minecraft Code Blocks work step-by-step, and then learn how to use them to affect a Minecraft world with a variety of results! 

Here’s what they’ll explore: 

– Learn how to utilize variables to store values and create gameplay systems like timers and scorekeepers!

– Learn how to combine multiple events together to create dynamic code that “listens” as you play.

– Learn advanced game concepts like 3D coordinates and data values, then use this knowledge to create unique and powerful mods!

– Learn how to create lists to store many values, and perform fundamental list operations such as adding, deleting, and accessing elements by their index.

– Learn how to apply math concepts in programming, using operations like modulo, rounding methods, and generating random numbers for interesting gameplay! Kids learn how to create intricate patterns or generate a whole Minecraft world of their own using code. 

More Minecraft Courses 

Gears of Time is the latest addition to Tynker’s Minecraft courses for home users. Take a look at what else we offer in mob modding, brick-bustin’ fun! 

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  • Mod Starter PackMake your own skins and experience basic Minecraft modding with Tynker. Access with a FREE Tynker account.
  • Game Design 1 – Learn to create 3 classic games in Minecraft – Capture the Flag, Slimeball Soccer, and Tower Defense. Compatible with Minecraft Classic (Java).
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  • Mod Design II – Create exploding snowballs, a treehouse, a fireworks show, and many more mods! Compatible with Minecraft Classic (Java).


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