Tynker Releases All-New Minecraft Mods!

Tynker Releases All-New Minecraft Mods!
Last Updated: October 1, 2021 11:19 am

Tynker Releases All-New Minecraft Mods!

Tynker has new Minecraft Mods – Bunny Mode, Magic Carpet, Wipeout, and more! Mods include step-by-step tutorials compatible with Minecraft Bedrock in your Tynker account. Exciting? Yes, definitely.

Children love Minecraft! So why not have them learn valuable 21st-century coding skills while they’re there at it? Tynker is always looking for new ways to better inform and challenge young coders.

Our self-paced, story-based courses and activities are designed to encourage children of all ages to express their creativity through computer programming.

Take a look. Just log in at tynker.com or open the app. Then go to the +Create Project from your dashboard and find the Minecraft category. Here, you’ll see 3 brand-new suites of projects: 

New Coding Prompts

Within each category, you’ll find fun demos to try—read the tutorial to get the basics, then complete the challenges, so you can add your own twist on things. Just follow along and learn how to invent your own personal Minecraft mods!


Here’s everything inside, starting with Construction projects:

Magic Carpet — Make it so you’ll never fall! Fly in the sky by placing glass blocks under you, no matter where you walk. 

Auto-Replenish — There’s nothing more annoying than running out of blocks during a big build. With this mod enabled, as long as you have 1 block, you’ll have an infinite supply!

Staircase — Learn about loops and make a staircase of any height or depth you want, then change the project code to build a pyramid!

Super Digger — As you walk, you’ll clear a path ahead, without having to use your pickaxe. Make an underground lair, construct a subway tunnel system, or anything else you’d like, in a flash! 

Wipeout — Aiming to build a new homestead? Or a cool new build? Learn how to clear large areas of the Minecraft world using code. 

Player Effects

The projects in the Player Effects category have been improved and upgraded: 

Bunny Mode — Leap over tall hedges in a single bound by giving yourself super-jump and super-speed!

Diamond Is Unbreakable — Treat yourself to the best gear in the game. Learn how to give yourself the armor, weapons, and equipment you like while enchanting your sword with special effects!

Mystery Apples — Feeling lucky? Get a random player effect just by eating an apple! 

Walk on Water — In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to freeze the water underneath your feet, letting you cross any body of water in Minecraft. 

Minecraft Magic

Finally, the Minecraft Magic projects let you change the behavior of the game itself by extending these ideas to create your own Minecraft Minigames!

Raining Cats and Dogs — Regular old rain is a bit boring, isn’t it? With this mod enabled, it’ll literally rain cats and dogs. Watch out below! 

Simon Says — Follow the leader in this simple minigame that detects your travel type. 

Always Day — Getting bothered by mobs attacking at night? No problem. Take control of time itself and make it so it’s always daytime! 

Time Flies — Extend your knowledge of time-keeping and make time pass 10 times faster. Your crops will grow at an extraordinarily fast rate!

Free Fallin’ — Learn how to teleport yourself high in the sky, then float slowly back to earth to get a birds-eye view of the world. Move all the players — or even all the entities! — and teleport them anywhere you like. 

Cool Minecraft Courses!

Want to go all in? Try these amazing Minecraft coding courses:

  • Agent Recall — Enter an immersive Minecraft world and escape from the enchanted castle. Compatible with Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket (Minecraft Bedrock)

  • Gears of Time — The immersive adventure continues. Download an interactive world with advanced coding challenges and follow along. Compatible with Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket (Minecraft Bedrock).

  • Mythicraft Build Minecraft mobs with custom behaviors while learning about monsters and ancient gods. Compatible with Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket (Minecraft Bedrock). 

  • Mind Crafters Use logic, loops, variables, and functions to bring complex Minecraft structures to life while learning to build 24 cool mods. Compatible with Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket (Minecraft Bedrock). 

  • Mod Starter PackMake your own skins and experience basic Minecraft modding with Tynker. Access with a FREE Tynker account. 
  • Game Design 1 – Learn to create 3 classic games in Minecraft – Capture the Flag, Slimeball Soccer, and Tower Defense. Compatible with Minecraft Java Edition (Classic).
  • Mod Design I – Learn to mod Minecraft with Tynker! Build 25 cool mods to host on your own private server. Compatible with Minecraft Java Edition (Classic).
  • Mod Design II – Create exploding snowballs, a treehouse, a fireworks show, and many more mods! Compatible with Minecraft Java Edition (Classic).

We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code!


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