Email API

Deliver millions of emails in seconds. Built for developers, our email API guarantees 99.9% uptime and is ready use within days.

Built for developers

Our ultra-reliable email API processes millions of emails every day with a delivery rate of 97%.

- 3.5 billion emails sent per month
- Easy integration for most common languages
- 120k emails per min
- 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Advanced functionality for advanced sending

Log retention

Log retention

Make use of analytics, logs, and tracking dashboards to create outstanding customer experiences. Customize your log retention period to comply with company / country standards.

Custom events tracking

Custom events tracking

Trigger emails when contacts complete important actions like submitting a form or placing an order. Set custom events so you have a response ready when it counts most.

Inbound parsing

Inbound parsing

Convert unstructured emails into formatted messages. The Brevo+ Inbound Parsing webhook allows you to receive replies from email recipients and process them according to your configured conditions.

Rapid deployment, outstanding onboarding

Our team of technical experts provides tailored IP set-up, ensuring you can start sending within a few days.

- Implementation specialist
- Deliverability expert
- Technical account manager
- Dedicated customer care
- Prime Support with priority SLA
- Dedicated communication channel (upon request)

Data privacy, prioritized

Brevo is compliant by design. Be confident about how you and your clients’ data is processed.

- GDPR & CCPA complaint
- Data stored in EU
- ISO 27001:2013-certified
- Customizable log event retention
- Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and SNCD member
- Advanced security reviews
- Partners managed with DPAs and controlled compliance