It’s TRAINING DAY, an Epic Course to Complete Tynker’s Minecraft Trilogy

It’s TRAINING DAY, an Epic Course to Complete Tynker’s Minecraft Trilogy
Last Updated: November 10, 2021 12:45 pm

It’s TRAINING DAY, an Epic Course to Complete Tynker’s Minecraft Trilogy

Tynker is excited to announce the launch of our latest Minecraft coding course, Training Day, where young coders will learn how to make their own Minecraft skins, items, blocks, mobs, and more!

This beginner-friendly Minecraft course joins Tynker’s previous immersive adventures, Agent Recall and Gears of Time. If you’re new to Minecraft modding, this is a great course to get you started creating your own avatar in Minecraft and customizing your world.

Here’s a quick look at our amazing trilogy of all-new Minecraft courses from Tynker: 

  • Training Day — Join Codey on an amazing adventure and learn how to customize your Minecraft world! Perfect for absolute beginners. Ages 7+. 
  • Agent Recall — Get coding in this immersive Minecraft Escape Room by exploring mods to break out of the enchanted castle. Ages 7+.
  • Gears of Time — Travel through time creating minigames and solving 48 coding challenges in 6 different worlds, such as Rainbow Ninja and Haunted Theme Park.

Training Day is the perfect way to begin your Minecraft modding journey by entering an amazing, educational Minecraft world! Once you unlock everything, don’t forget, there’s still much more: Follow up with Agent Recall and Gears of Time

The Details

What Do I Need? The Minecraft course Training Day, as well as follow-up courses Agent Recall and Gears of Time, are available to everyone with a paid Tynker Plus or Tynker All Access subscription. Minecraft for Windows 10 is also required for these new Minecraft-driven courses (version 1.16.210 or higher).

Why Minecraft? Kids love it! Learning to code with a familiar and fun game like Minecraft is an immersive experience that will inspire kids to create cool coding projects of their own. 

Language: Simple drag-and-drop block code, suitable for ages 7 and up. 

How Does It Work? To begin this adventure, just download the Minecraft world and load it in Minecraft. You’ll then be able to explore an amazing custom Minecraft world: Create custom assets, and learn how to add them to your worlds. Finally, learn how to code custom mob behaviors to make them unique.

Create cool custom items, blocks, and skins

Change mob behaviors with code, too! That’s one dangerous chicken….

The goal of Training Day is to solve all the coding challenges in 6 amazing adventure worlds

You’ll begin exploring the Library of Life, an ancient library holding the secrets to Minecraft creation!

From the library, you’ll venture to 6 unique worlds, solving puzzles along the way to find a book to return to the library. Collect all 6 books to unlock 4 fun minigames!

What’s Inside?

Fabulous Fashionville

Learn how to create custom skins for your player. Your task will be to create three different outfits for the Fashion Show! Then deploy your skins onto Villagers who will take turns walking the red carpet. 

Mountain Resort

Take a breather in this cozy lodge. Learn how items work and how to paint your favorite tools to be totally unique. 

Castle Gardens

Explore gardening in Minecraft. Play a matching game with your own custom mobs, then lead a fox back to its home!

Cozy Farm

Learn more about “mobs” — Minecraft animals that you can control with code. Learn how to code unique behaviors for ocelots, llamas, zombies, skeletons, and creepers!


Code behavior packs for multiple mobs to create your own custom ecosystem!

Magic Pet Castle

Use everything you’ve learned to create your own custom magical pets!


Bonus Multiplayer Games

Once you’ve completed the solo quest, a multiplayer Game Room is unlocked. Join your fellow members of the Guild of Adventurers and compete for glory. 

Pig Counter 

It’s piggy pandemonium in this counting game. Customize the appearance and behaviors of the Pig mob, then count how many were spawned before time runs out! Just how many can you keep track of? 

Cow Wrangler 

Use resource and behavior packs to create a custom Cow, then wrangle all the cows as fast as you can!

Turn the Horde 

It’s a zombie invasion! You know what to do! 

Castle Defense 

Join your pals in defending the castle!

Invite your friends and have a blast! These multiplayer modes make Training Day, Agent Recall, and Gears of Time the perfect courses for an after-school activity, a coding club, or simply great entertainment for the whole family.

What Kids Learn

While they’re having fun, kids learn about key computing concepts and get inspiration to create their own original Minecraft code and creations. Kids learn how Tynker’s Minecraft code blocks work step-by-step and then how to use them to totally transform their Minecraft world! 

Here’s what they’ll explore 

  • How to change animal behavior in Minecraft using code
  • How to create custom Minecraft assets including skins, items, blocks, mobs, and more!
  • How to modify mob behaviors.
  • How to use events for dynamic code.
  • How to run code after a delay by using timers!

More of Tynker’s Minecraft Courses

  • Mythicraft Build Minecraft mobs with custom behaviors while learning about monsters and ancient gods. Compatible with Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket (Minecraft Bedrock). Minecraft Mob Editor
  • Mind Crafters Use logic, loops, variables, and functions to bring complex Minecraft structures to life while learning to build 24 cool mods. Compatible with Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket (Minecraft Bedrock). Minecraft Mod Editor.
  • Mod Starter PackMake your own skins and experience basic Minecraft modding with Tynker. Access with a FREE Tynker account. 
  • Game Design 1 – Learn to create 3 classic games in Minecraft – Capture the Flag, Slimeball Soccer, and Tower Defense. Compatible with Minecraft Java Edition (Classic).
  • Mod Design I – Learn to mod Minecraft with Tynker! Build 25 cool mods to host on your own private server. Compatible with Minecraft Java Edition (Classic).
  • Mod Design II – Create exploding snowballs, a treehouse, a fireworks show, and many more mods! Compatible with Minecraft Java Edition (Classic).

We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code!


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