NEW Minecraft Coding eBooks!

NEW Minecraft Coding eBooks!
Last Updated: April 29, 2022 12:09 pm

NEW Minecraft Coding eBooks!

Tynker is excited to announce the release of two coding ebooks: Code These Minecraft Mods in both Java and Bedrock.

With these new ebooks, you can explore Tynker’s amazing tools for customizing Minecraft by making your own custom textures, items, and mobs.

Kids can even invent their own minigame! Best of all, these Minecraft mods run right in your browser with nothing to install.

What Kids Will Learn

Pixel Editor: Kids will love using Tynker’s friendly pixel editors to customize how Minecraft looks. Design and create custom blocks, items, mobs, and skins.

A carrot in Minecraft style

Code Minecraft Mods: Kids connect code blocks to write short programs (called Mods) that totally change how Minecraft works.

A diamond pickaxe

Start Anywhere: These books are designed to let kids start wherever they like by exploring a section that sounds interesting to them.

Code These Minecraft Mods (Bedrock Edition)

Front cover of Code These Minecraft Mods (Bedrock edition)

A little girl rides a unicorn pig across a candy-strewn, Minecraft-style landscape

Design. Mod. Play. Give yourself endless blocks, summon a boss, or build a massive castle in a flash. This is an amazing value for just $15.

Code These Minecraft Mods (Java Edition)

Front cover of Code These Minecraft Mods (Java Edition)

Colorful slimes bounce on a bridge, while fireworks explode in the sky

Design. Mod. Play. Teleport yourself with snowballs, put on a fireworks show, or build an infinite golden railway. For only $15, this is another amazing value!

Check out these cool gifs that kids can make!

Cats and dogs fall from the sky

Raining Cats and Dogs

This goofy program makes it rain cats and dogs—literally! Explore how to summon mobs and how to use randomness in your code.

The player places a gold block, then immediately receives one back in return

Endless Blocks

Write a short script making use of Minecraft data values, allowing you to “auto-replenish” any blocks you place.

This Minecraft player falls through the surface of the earth to reach the void: The weird space underneath the Minecraft world

Hole to the Void

Write a program that burrows deep into your Minecraft world and reaches the void. It’s a journey to the center of the earth!

After placing three blocks, a boss monster is summoned

Summon a Boss

Use what you’ve learned to invent a custom boss using Tynker’s Mob Editor. Then write a program in Tynker Mod Editor to summon it when a particular sequence of blocks is placed!

And Tynker has more ebooks!

Code These Games

Design. Code. Play. Kids love this ebook! 130 pages of easy step-by-step instructions to code and play 15 incredible interactive games that run right in your browser with nothing to install. Just $15!

Code These Games Ebook cover

Star fighters, ninjas and Soarin' Strawberry appear on the cover next to a short movement program

With Tynker, coding is as simple as drag-and-drop. These game projects are a blast for kids to program and a blast to play with when they’re done.

They’ll learn about variables, control structures, functions, game mechanics, and so much more while they create real, playable games.

Start with the basics by recreating classics like Flappy Bird and Space Invaders, then move on to increasingly sophisticated games that use randomness, scorekeeping, and physics.

Code This Art

Create your own art—with code! This ebook shows you how to make an animated greeting card, generate your own poems, use our pen and physics blocks to make colorful abstract art, and much more! A great deal for only $15!

Code This Art ebook cover

Musical notes and a marble leaving a trail behind appear on the cover

Kids create their own art, music, and stories while learning about variables, control structures, functions, and more. With step-by-step instructions, each one of the 18 coding projects in this book can be completed in an afternoon or less.

Start with the basics by creating optical illusions and simple animations, then move on to making a paint editor, poetry generator, Etch-a-Sketch program, and so much more.

Creative coding challenges encourage kids to put their own twist on projects—and code their own original masterpieces!

Tynker Toolbox

Design. Code. Play. Explore everything with this detailed overview of all of Tynker’s amazing coding features. Get it for just $10!

Tynker Toolbox Front Cover

A short program reads: 

On Start, Learn with, Visual Coding

What Kids Will Learn

Looking to better understand all of Tynker’s capabilities? Dive in and learn more!

You’ll start by exploring the absolute basics of coding. Learn how to connect colorful code blocks—write short and simple programs that move actors on a stage. You’ll explore how Cartesian coordinates work, and how you can layer and control an actor’s movements precisely.

After learning the basics, you’ll explore all of Tynker Workshop’s unique capabilities step by step to get inspiration for creating your own cool Tynker projects.

Tynker also has two FREE ebooks!

FREE eBOOK – Coding for Kids

Learning to code is a must-have in today’s digital world. This book will show you how coding can be a life-changing journey for your child. Coding with Tynker is designed to engage your kids by empowering their creativity.

Coding for Kids ebook cover

Two children with laptops

FREE eBook – Why Girls Code

Women have played pivotal roles throughout the history of computer programming, making incredible contributions to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. And today, with code as a starting point, women continue to have a positive impact on the world in powerful innovative ways.

Why Girls Code cover

We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code!


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