Tynker’s New AI/ML Course! Now Available

Tynker’s New AI/ML Course! Now Available
Last Updated: November 21, 2022 12:02 pm

Tynker’s New AI/ML Block Coding Course! Now Available

Want a guided tour of Tynker’s new AI blocks? Check out our latest course for subscribers, Introduction to AI/ML. Find it in the EXPLORE section of your dashboard after logging in at tynker.com or click the button below!


In this patient, step-by-step course, kids will explore the big ideas behind AI, and explore how they can use AI in live video projects for amazing, dynamic effects. They’ll even explore advanced ideas like computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP). Suitable for ages 8+. Webcam required. Some previous block-coding experience is recommended, but not absolutely necessary. This course is available on the web only for now. 

What’s Inside? 

You’ll find 10 spectacular projects you can complete in an afternoon or less, as well as introductions to key AI concepts. 

Face Tracking

Learn about artificial intelligence. Make a costume that follows your movement by harnessing the Face Tracking code blocks. Then make other fun applied projects, like virtual fire-breathing and a talking potato head.

Hand Tracking

The hand-tracking blocks allow for some unique gameplay. Learn how the hand landmark system works, then apply it to simple games, like Splatter Paint. Then explore how you can use hand-tracking blocks as user-interface — for a sick virtual DJ set. Add sliders, jog wheels, buttons, and other UIs for games or musical projects of your choice.

Pose Tracking

The Pose Tracking AI blocks can detect body positions and movements. Make a photo booth and a dancing character on-screen who follows your every move!

Object Detection

AIs can do a lot more than just recognize humans. Explore general-purpose object recognition blocks, which can detect household objects, like bananas, skateboards, cell phones, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Program apps that can count objects or respond when an object appears. This AI can classify objects with both live-video and static images.

Natural Language Processing

Will computers ever really understand us when we write and speak in plain English? Explore some applications of natural language processing (NLP) in this final lesson of the course. Write a chatbot, create an interactive mystery story, and much more.

Add AI to Any Project

Have an existing project you want to add AI effects to? You also enable these blocks right from Tynker Workshop. Click More (+) at the bottom of the code palette, then select the AI/ML tab. 

Tip: Enable only the Tynker extensions you need. It usually makes sense to enable these extensions one-at-a-time.

Even More

Did you make an AI project of your own invention? Email us at community@tynker.com or PUBLISH your project right to the Tynker Community. We can’t wait to see what you invent! Put on your wizard’s hat (and beard) and show us something cool. 

Looking for more AI resources? See the related articles below. 

We hope you have a blast with these cool new code blocks!

About Tyler Ortman

Tyler Ortman is an editor at Tynker specializing in STEM resources for young readers. He is the editor behind dozens of best-selling educational books, including Code These Games, Tynker Toolbox, Code These Minecraft Mods, Teach Your Kids to Code, Super Scratch Programming Adventure, The Manga Guide to Science series, and Automate The Boring Stuff with Python. He lives in San Francisco.

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